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"Build a Business" Program

According to UNCTAD; Policy guide on entrepreneurship for migrants and refugees, 2018, promoting entrepreneurship is increasingly viewed as a practical approach to overcoming some of the challenges of economic and social inclusion for migrants and refugees.

But this is hardly an option if one has never run a business and doesn't have the required skill set. Which is the case for refugees.

Many refugees came from homes where they were well off, had jobs, could farm their own food, and/or didn't even try to start any business. So how can one such person start a business?

Many of the refugees try to start businesses, but these businesses never grow. For most women, pricing, customer acquisition, how identifying and leveraging opportunities, and financial literacy are foreign.

Therefore, for this option to be viable, refugees need the necessary skills to start and grow a business.

Starting a business, the challenge

A refugee woman rearing her goats.jpeg

SME "Build a Business" Program

From refugees to entrepreneurs

The Patapia “Build A Business” program is an entrepreneurship program that equips participants with the skills to start and grow their own businesses.

Our core target groups include refugee women, girls, and youth, who in cohorts go through a uniquely designed entrepreneurship program so as to start their own businesses.

By the end of the boot camps, the participants will have a specific business concept and concrete steps to starting that business. A key component of our program includes the one-one cutting-edge business coaching approach, where each team is matched with a mentor who guides where they get tailored training on business fundamentals and get tailored mentoring to start and grow their own businesses.

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