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Building Techpreneurs

The refugee youth challenge

Many refugee youths have dropped out of school due to the language barrier. When refugees come to Uganda, they are pushed into a system built on English and so many opt to drop out of school due to feeling stupid. In addition, these youth lack the opportunities to earn a living. Imagine, the only way to get employment in a refugee settlement is through working as a porter on a construction site, which as you can tell are very few. And so, many are often jobless, waking up every day to play football from sunset to sunrise and figuring out a means to get just $0.13 to buy data to go online and browse the internet or for drinking alcohol.

While access to education is a challenge, STEM learning is almost impossible. Refugee youth lack the inspiration and the resources to fabricate, learn and build. This situation is exacerbated for girls, who end up in early marriages.


Where ideas come true

iCreate Academy is an innovative space that empowers refugees to build and bring tech ideas to life.

Our scholars are youth 18 – 30 years, the doers, the makers, and the unreasonable people, who are interested in developing and growing their STEM passions.

The scholars go through a 3 step learning process where they learn to become leaders, generate and test ideas, and then grow technology businesses.

Each scholar learns to use the available technology and tools and goes through our “Build A Business” program where they generate solutions for problems in their communities.

The scholars learn based on their choice;

- Computer programming,

- Solar technology,

- Basic electronics,

- Robotics

The teams then get access to prototyping tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, woodworking, electronics, and metalworking tools to prototype and test their ideas and are matched with mentors and coaches who guide them through their personal and professional growth until they graduate with their own tech businesses.

And our holistic model offers these tech entrepreneurs access to investment through the Patapia microfinance, where the scholar teams pitch to investors in a Lion's Den to get investment and the support to launch and grow their enterprises.


A unique 3-step learning process

The birth process of a star


Nebula stage

Gases start to form

- Self-discovery and learning

- Comfort zone challenge

- Personal renewal

- Personal vision

- Leadership development

- Skills development



 The gases start to heat up and glow

- Entrepreneurship sessions

- Design Thinking

- Ideation and prototyping

- Customer discovery

- Business model creation

- Pitching

MS STAR.jpeg

Main Sequence star

 The gases start to heat up and glow

- Business legalization

- Business set up

- Growing the business

- Investment readiness

- Growing the team

- Networks and partnerships

Prototyping made easy

Do you want to laser cut, 3D print, or prototype a technological model? 

Our scholar innovation challenge allows scholars to design models that fit your needs. The beauty is that the innovation challenge presents you with different models from which to choose.


Access to the right technologies opens endless possibilities. And you can make it real.

Become a member today and gain access to the tools and mentoring to build your ideas.

Laser cut, 3D printing and CNC machining

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