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Patapia campaign

Patapia is currently running a campaign to train and finance at least 50 refugee women in Uganda and provide the organization a run way of 6 months. To donate to the campaign, follow the link

The Cause

Uganda is one of the leading refugee-hosting countries with over 1.4M refugees. 81% of the refugees in Uganda are women and children, and 64% of the households are women-led (UNHCR 2020). In the absence of financial assistance, many women and girls are exposed to exploiation and abuse while struggling to support their families. With increasing donor fatigue for supporting refugees, we needed a new measure to help refugees become self-sustainable.

Entrepreneurship can provide a possible way out of poverty, but most refugees lack the skills and knowledge to start and run a business. Although many lack capital to start a business, most financial institutions don’t provide loans to refugees because they don’t have assets for use as collateral.

About the FounderAs a refugee from DR. Congo, Aime Rebecca had to support and take care of her family since she was14. Aime desired to start her own business to make a living without being exploited by others. However, like with many refugee SMEs, the biggest challenge was access to finance. In 2016, she joined the Social Innovation Academy (SINA) Accelerator that supports marginalized youth to turn their challenges into opportunities, from where she formed the idea of supporting refugee women.

What We Need

Refugee women are struggling to provide for their families. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been hit the hardest and sadly lost even the small jobs they had. But we are currently unable to support them. By supporting Patapia you enable us to help refugees to improve their business skills and start their own businesses.

Your donations will:

  • Be collected into a pool that the women borrow for financing their businesses

  • Support Patapia provide its services

Everything we raise through this campaign will be spent directly to empower refugee women and indirectly improve the lives of hundreds of refugees in Kampala, Uganda.

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