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We Won!!!

Patapia was among the top three winners of the Acumen Academy accelerator for ventures serving displaced persons.

The Acumen accelerator is built on the understanding that refugee-owned, refugee-led, or refugee-supporting social enterprises can help to unlock the potential of forcibly displaced communities with business models that promote self-reliance: the social and economic ability of forcibly-displaced people and their host communities to meet their essential needs without external aid. To assist social entrepreneurs who work in or seek to expand into this space, this accelerator will equip leaders with moral leadership lessons, business skills, and learnings from our portfolio companies to confidently scale their enterprises and build scalable, inclusive, and sustainable solutions.

We had access to opportunities to

  • Refine and develop our business model

  • Identify key opportunities for growth while supporting either displaced or hosting communities through the market, workforce, and value-chain entry points

  • Develop the hard-edged leadership skills necessary for building better, inclusive, and sustainable business solutions

  • Sharpen our presentation skills and practice pitching to an audience of investors and entrepreneurs — we won $25,000 in grant funding.

  • Building a professional network and community of social entrepreneurs in East Africa who are committed to tackling displacement and inequality

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