About Us


Patapia is providing an economic engine to allow the worlds most vulnerable communities to turn business ideas and opportunities into viable enterprises to achieve economic empowerment and independence. We equip refugee women with the skills and resources to start and run their own Small and Medium Enterprises so that they can sustainably provide for their families without depending on donations and hand-outs.


Start and Grow your business program


Training and mentoring for increased understanding of the business building process, and financial management

SME Financing


We enable SME startups through micro-loan financing. With only $300, a woman can start her own business and sustainably provide for her family.

What We Do

Partners & Recognitions



Shekinah Feza Florence

I came to Uganda as a refugee in 2012. When I reached Uganda I did not know how I was going to survive and take care of my 8 children. I couldn’t get a job and also didn’t have the capital to start my own business. Through Patapia, I got training on how to start and run a business, and also got the financing to start my business. Now I am assured of some money everyday which I use to take care of my family. Now my children are back in school and even in case of any health problems, at least I can treat them.

Pela Zawadi 

In 2018, I started a business where I was selling second hand shoes. Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 lock down, all my savings got used up and I could not resume the business. This business had helped me to take care of my family and I knew I only had to restart it. Through Patapia, I got the financing to restart the business and with the Patapia mentors, I was able to set up strategies that helped my business to survive the second lock down.


Micheline Amasu

I have never run a business and didn’t know how to. In Uganda as a refugee, I didn’t have a way to support my family as I was not able to get any external support. When I joined Patapia, I not only learnt how to run a business but also got the financing. And the process was so easy, I didn’t need collateral to get the loan and the repayment process was easy. The time when the business season was not favourable, the Patapia mentors were supportive to see how to further improve my business.